Just Added: iFly 747 Jets file format
We've added flight plan export for iFly Jets 747. Please see here for a full list of export formats.
Supported File Formats

 Here's the latest list of aircraft and add-ons available for flight plan export:

  • Flight Progress Card (PDF)
  • FSNavigator
  • Flight Simulator 2004
  • Flight Simulator X
  • SquawkBox 3 / FSInn
  • vasFMC 2.0
  • VATSIM prefile page link
  • PSS (Phoenix Simulation) Airbus Series
  • Google Earth KML file
  • vPilot

The following additional formats are available to premium users only:

How to automatically sync your VA roster with vroute's database

Here's a quick description on how to have your VA's roster automatically synchronized with vroute's database. Once configured for this, vroute's server will download your VA's roster daily. Any person found to be in the roster but not a member of the community will receive an invitation. Any person removed from the VA will be removed from community next morning. It's that simple - once configured, there is no effort required to maintain the interface.

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