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vroute.info is a revolutionary new online flying tool that combines in one place:

  • VATSIM server information ("servinfo"),
  • world's largest flight plan database (73000 routes available as of Oct 2008),
  • flight and ATC booking features.

vroute.info has now a premium version which offers additional features such as fuel calculation, detailed airspace maps, FMC exports, instrument procedure charts and many more (see which one is right for me for a comparison).


Ease of use was our primary concern. For example, the user does not have to worry about timezones. Normally, a lot of information is available in UTC time zone - for example, flight and ATC booking times, event announcements, flight forecasts etc. vroute.info automatically converts these UTC times to your local time zone. All information you enter in your local time, for example when you make a flight booking, is automatically converted to UTC.

Feature highlights:

Advanced flight forecasting

When someone is flying from New York to London, other programs would show this flight as an arrival long before it would actually show up in your airspace. Let's say you are doing ATC in Ireland and there is a group flight arriving from USA. Normally, you would have a hard time telling when will they need ATC from you. But vroute.info has a completely different approach - flights are analyzed to tell you when will they arrive into your airspace. One look into your country details and you get accurate information about the upcoming traffic.


If you are a pilot, this means controllers will get early but accurate warning about your flight - and you will get better ATC coverage, especially in the remote areas where traffic is normally low.

Full integration of booking

List of ATC available includes both people who are currently online, and those who will soon show up (according to booking). The flight forecast (see above) automatically includes flight bookings for the flights that haven't started yet - and booking data is gradually replaced with flight forecast so that controllers see more accurate actual data.


Advanced airspace maps

Our airspace maps feature 3D background - which helps you identify geographical features you will be flying over.


No more updates required

All the important and frequently changing data, such as airspace information, airport data, airline names and logos are stored in a central server. No more are all users required to re-download vroute.info just to get a new airline or new airport.

Event information

Online event information can be published directly from vroute.info. Whenever you start the application, you will immediately find out what is happening and where. As a controller, you will get more traffic for your events when you announce them via vroute.

Personal images (avatars)

As a pilot or controller, you can submit your custom photograph or other image that will be shown to other users when they click on your name in vroute.info.

Flight progress cards

Once you select your flight route, you can easily generate a PDF document containing important information about your flight - waypoints, weather, NOTAMs.

Reduced bandwidth consumption

Server information programs required you to download some 200 kBytes of information every couple minutes - this meant you had mostly outdated info at high bandwidth expense. vroute.info uses a completely different technology, and any data you require (and only when you actually require it) is downloaded on request from the server.