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What is the history behind vroute? Print

vroute.info is a new program, but it's roots reach to 2004, when the first flight plan database for PL-VACC was created by Michał Rok. Later in 2004 it was converted to EUroute, a web plug-in that any VACC or virtual airline could put on it's website. In September 2005, EUroute Module (www.euroutepro.com) was released - a Flight Simulator plug-in application giving you instant acccess to routes from all around the world.

In late 2005, VATBOOK - a common flight and ATC booking system was developed by MichaÅ‚ Rok in cooperation with Andreas Fuchs and Romain Riviere. It became apparent that there is a need for a simple and easily available client to take bookings and to deliver booking information back to the community.

Also in 2005 we started working on a new project - giving more advanced features for flight planning, and in 2006 it was extended to cover the VATSIM server information part. It also became a platform for VATBOOK, so that VATSIM users would have easy access to flight plans, booking and online server information in one place.

The name vroute was selected to signify the fact that we're no longer just a European flight plan tool - currently more than 70% of routes in the database cover other regions of the world.