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The online page is probably the most important part of vroute.info. It shows you live information about online activities of other VATSIM users - ATC and pilots.

Unlike other tools, vroute.info uses sophisticated technology to track flight progress and forecast as much as 2 hours ahead - telling you not only what is happening now, but also what is going to happen soon.

Another great advantage of vroute.info is that it shows you only relevant traffic when it comes to airplanes - that are either within your area of interest or will overfly your airspace in the future. Flights that already left the airspace, even if they were departing within it, are filtered out.

vroute.info automatically combines booking information (people who are not yet online who announced their intentions) with actual traffic data (people who are online at the moment). This allows you to find out not only that a particular position is currently staffed, but also that it will be staffed in near future.