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In the advanced search mode, you can simply provide a pair of ICAO codes to find all matching airports.

Note to USA users - make sure your airport codes contain the leading "K" (i.e. KJFK not JFK).


Partial codes (i.e. EP to EB) are accepted, but you must provide a total of 4 characters minimum).

Additionally, you can select an aircraft type to narrow down the search. For example, if you want to find a route operated in real life by your favourite Fokker 70 and arriving in EDDM, just put EDDM in "to" box and select Fokker 70 from the list. You will find out that in real life such flights arrive from Amsterdam (KLM probably), Budapest (Malev) and Vienna (Austrian).

Note that the "operated by" data is not available yet for all parts of the world, but the scope of the database is automatically and continously extended.