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FAQ: Confirmation email not received Print

If you haven't received the confirmation email despite waiting reasonably long (i.e. within 1 hour), please:

  • check your "Spam" folder. Some email programs, spam filters and ISPs classify part of incoming email as suspected spam and put it in a separate folder.
  • check if your ISP is not one of those who actively reject our mail. Currently this happens to emails sent to @mchsi.com, @charter.net and @sina.com. We are in touch with those ISPs regarding "whitelisting" or removing from blacklists, but at this very moment our emails are rejected. If you are a user of one of those ISPs you can also provide them with our email server address ( and request that they should accept email.
  • try a different email account.

Note: if you sent us an email regarding this problem it is likely our answer will not be delivered due to the same problem.