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The vroute.info communities are groups of users, typically Virtual Airlines, who are recognized as members when they fly online. A community has it's distinctive callsign prefix, for example UAL for United Virtual Airlines. Whenever a United member shows up with UAL callsign, a logo of United and a link to their website will be shown.

Other pilots who are members of the same community show up in your "Friends online" box automatically - as long as their flight is actually done with the proper callsign.

The approach taken by vroute.info is significantly different from other online information programs where it is enough to have the right callsign - and where the program makes a guess about VA identity based on the callsign prefix. This was frequently a reason for online arguments, whenever two VAs represented the same real life airline or a callsign was shared by multiple VAs. In vroute.info this won't be a problem, because a user must actively join a particular community to be identified as it's member.


For example, if somebody is using a UALxxx callsign but without being a member of United Virtual Airlines, the flight will not be recognized as "United" by vroute. This is good for both the occasional pilots (who don't want to be associated with a particular VA) and for communities as well as professional pilots - who will know that VA distinctions will be shown only for real, actual members.

To find out about communities, set up your own or later change it's information please see the Communities tab on the info page:


By creating a community you automatically become it's moderator, who is allowed to change details of the community and invite new members. The left frame shows the communites you have joined, including the moderator status. The right frame contains top 10 communities sorted by the number of online members. Click on a community name to find out more.

As the moderator, you can invite users to join your community. Note that this is not included as an advertisement service, it is only meant for inviting people who are already members of your VA. To invite someone, you must know that person's VATSIM ID number. Invitations show up on start page of vroute.info:


In case the invitation recipient is not a vroute.info user yet, the invitation will be sent by email. Note that just must provide us with the email address for one-time mailing - as we could not possibly know the email addresses of all VATSIM users (the address will only be used once for a short message). All invitations are valid for a period of 14 days.

There is a limit of the number of pending invitations to prevent abuse - the limit is set to 10 invitations or 10% of your members count - whichever is higher. If your VA is large (50+ members) an automatic upload is also possible. Please email us at with the community name and a text file containing the VATSIM IDs to be uploaded. You must prove that you actually have 50+ members by providing us with a link to website where the roster is displayed.