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download standard version

Choose this if you:

download premium version

Choose this option if you:
  • Never used vroute before and want to try it out first (you can always upgrade later)
  • Used vroute before and want more
  • Are happy with standard, fixed-size maps with online traffic
  • Have a high resolution computer screen and would like to take advantage of full screen maps with complete airspace information layer (airways, waypoints, sectors etc.), aircraft tracking and latest weather information
  • Have your own ways to calculate fuel or you simply fill the plane to the max before every flight
  • Would like to use the advanced fuel calculator feature to get detailed calculations, taking into consideration factors such as payload and winds aloft
  • Never ran out of fuel airborne
  • Track fuel consumption during your flights to detect problems early – just like real pilots do
  • Enjoy manually programming your aircraft’s Flight Management Computer
  • Would like the option to export route directly to your airplane’s computer – without having to retype all the waypoints
  • Always fly during the day
  • Want to have a realistic dark cockpit and put vroute into night mode during night flights
  • Rarely fly in USA or Australia
  • Would like to have instant access to more than 15.000 up-to-date charts for more than 3.000 airports in USA and Australia
  • Want to see vertical profile of your flight, including terrain below, clouds cross-section and airway vertical boundaries
  •  Only fly to large airports
  •  Would like to get full SID/STAR coverage for 1700+ places worldwide
  • Don't care much about wind when planning flights
  • Use realistic weather applications such as FSMeteo or ActiveSky to simulate flight conditions - and expect your flight planning to take winds aloft into consideration
  • Would like to help us maintain the free service for the online flying community – and get some juicy extras in return


Only €22.95 to register *

* - Value Added Tax will be added for European Union customers, tax rate varies by country