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Here's how to get vroute premium on your computer:

1. Download the program

To install vroute.info premium, download a ZIP file containing necessary files. The file is available from here (1 MB ZIP file).  Please make sure you unzip all before running setup.exe from the archive.



The registration process will be executed at the first attempt to run the program.

Please also see hardware and software requirements.

2. Run setup.exe

The installation only takes a minute or so - once it's done, the program will be started automatically. 

3. Enter you e-mail address when prompted

We use this information to identify your existing account (if you used vroute before) or to create a new one. If you ever need to reinstall vroute, entering this email address will grant you access to your license and all program settings.

4. Pay via PayPal

We accept secure instant payments by PayPal - your credit card data will never be exposed to us or anybody else. You do not need a PayPal account, we accept all major credit cards as well as country-specific means of payment as supported by PayPal.

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Your copy of vroute premium will be instantly activated upon payment.


Finally, if you have any questions or things to discuss, please use our support forum or email us directly at .

* - Value Added Tax will be added for European Union customers, tax rate varies by country