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New: Winds aloft in fuel planning Print

vroute.premium is now capable of forecasting high-altitude weather (winds aloft) for the enroute part of your flight. This information is printed out on flight progress card (so you can see if the weather did not follow the forecast ;) ), and taken into consideration in fuel planning routines.


Forecasted wind direction and speed are printed next to each waypoint. In addition to this, average wind parameters are printed above the waypoint list. This information is useful both as an overview to the pilot as well as in programming of Flight Management Computers. There are two wind models available, and you can switch between them in the Configuration tab. The realistic model uses actual real world data and is useful if you use a program like FSMeteo or Active Sky to enhance your flight simulation experience. The standard "0/0" model assumes calm atmosphere and is useful for those using standard Flight Simulator software.