vroute premium no longer available for sale
Starting Dec 29th 2021, vroute premium will not be sold anymore - it will be available to existing premium users only.
Supported File Formats

 Here's the latest list of aircraft and add-ons available for flight plan export:

  • Flight Progress Card (PDF)
  • FSNavigator
  • Flight Simulator 2004
  • Flight Simulator X
  • SquawkBox 3 / FSInn
  • vasFMC 2.0
  • VATSIM prefile page link
  • PSS (Phoenix Simulation) Airbus Series
  • Google Earth KML file
  • vPilot

The following additional formats are available to premium users only:

FAQ: Enroute altitude changes
Often airway requirements force airplanes to change flight level while enroute. Some of these changes are part of route description, and are required for route to pass the validation process. For instance, in absence of high level airways leading to your final destination, you might want to descend earlier to a low level airway. This article explains how altitude changes are encoded in route description.