FAQ: PayPal payment problems

Please have a look at the following table if you encounter any problems paying for vroute.premium with PayPal.

FAQ: How to use vroute-generated plans in Wilco 737
The following tutorial prepared by Serge Villez-Mognier from Cyberavia and kindly made available to us. It shows how to use flight plans generated from vroute in Wilco 737 aircraft.
vroute now fully supports PMDG's Jetstream JS4100

vroute is the first flight planning and preparation tool to offer full support of the PMDG’s latest product – both in route export format and fuel calculation.

Users can now export any of the available routes into PMDG’s file format. In less than a few mouse clicks, the FMC gets preloaded with the selected route. This saves time in FMC programming and reduces the risk of mistakes, resembling the way airline pilots do with company routes.

In addition to the Jetstream 41, vroute supports many other add-on aircraft formats, including PMDG 747 and MD-11, Level-D 767, PSS and Wilco Airbus / ERJ.

Calculating the required fuel is no simple task, especially when one has to consider factors such as high-altitude winds, impact from payload and distance to alternate airport. This is where vroute’s flight planner can help – it’s as simple as picking a route, selecting airplane and payload, and receiving accurate fuel planning data, based on forecasted real world weather. Vroute even knows the proper sequence of loading various tanks and explains much fuel to put in each one of them. Now, this extensive support based on sophisticated consumption models is available for the PMDG’s JS41.

This new feature is immediately available to all current vroute.premium users. There is no extra fee associated and no download required. User's of the freeware version can upgrade by visiting www.vroute.net.

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